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services & rentals

We offer a variety rentals and services that you can choose to add to your event.  Most supplies and rentals provided by the Village Gathering Point will be set up for you prior to your reservation to save you time.  Many items are also available for off site rental if you are hosting your event elsewhere.  

Party Packages
Dart War Party

The dart war package includes 7 inflatable obstacles, 2 inflatable bunkers and 2 inflatable targets that you can rearrange for your battle arena.  Each participant receives a tactical vest, eye protection, bandana, gun, and darts.  Release of liability forms are required.  

 $5.00 per guest

An Elegant Event

This package is perfect for hosts that want an elegant look without breaking the bank.  It includes tablecloths, napkins, decorative gold charger plates, table numbers, gold trays, and cake stand.  You will also get a selection of decor items such as votive candleholders, tealight candleholders, gold candlesticks, and floating candles (includes white candles).  We will even set it all up for you in advance!

$4.00 per guest (30 guest minimum)


Available in white, ivory, and black

Round tablecloths                         $10.00


Rectangular tablecloths               $10.00 60in by 126in 

Napkins, Table Runners, & Overlays  

Available in a variety of colors!​

Dinner napkins                                $0.50​

Satin table runners                          $1.00​

Square Satin Overlay                       $1.75


Cylinder vases (7 in.)                      $0.75

Cylinder vases (9 in.)                      $0.75

Cylinder vases (12 in.)                    $1.00

Glass bowls (5 in.)                           $0.75

Mason jars                                        $0.75

Concrete planter                              $1.00

Eiffel tower vases (24 in.)              $3.00
Large fluted vases (3 ft.)                $5.00

Candles & Candleholders

Flameless pillar candles                 $1.00

Glass taper candlesticks                 $0.75

Tealight candleholders                   $0.75

Votive candleholders                      $0.75

Glass mirrors                                    $0.75

Gold candlesticks                             $1.00


Up Lighting – Add pops of color to walls, draping, or columns with these LED adjustable color lights.  

$3.00 per light


Icicle Lights – Add soft romantic light to spaces by hanging these lights around the parameter of a room or decoration the front of head tables.  

 $2.00 per 5 feet

String Lights – Add romance to rustic barn ceilings or plain banquet halls, make draped ceilings light up, and so much more.   

$2.00 per 20 foot

Curtain Lights – Add light to a backdrop, window or wall with a 10 ft square of 300 warm white LED lights. - $8.00 per curtain

Sweet Treats

Candy Buffet

Our candy buffet set includes an  assortment candy storage containers (apothecary jars, trifle bowls, and pedestal candy jars), plastic candy scoops, decorative ribbon and labels. The buffet equipment is available to rent for $30.  A selection of candy is available for an additional $2.50 per guest (1/4 pound of candy per guest).  

Chocolate Fountain

Our 16 inch tall chocolate fountain features 2 towers and can display 2 types of chocolate separately.  The fountain is available to rent for $30.  Two types of chocolate and a selection items for dipping is available for an additional $3.50 per guest. 

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